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Visual Basic Online Course - Reading / Receiving E-mails in Vb.Net

Visual Basic Online Course - Reading / Receiving E-mails in Vb.Net 5 of 5

Visual Basic Online Course - Reading / Receiving E-mails in Vb.Net

I was able to finish the (send E-mail) part successfully, though I've not finished the attachment and the Html parts yet, but the (receiving / reading E-mails) part still out there somewhere I did not do it, though I managed to connect to POP3 servers and receive the +OK response successfully.

Full source code and tutorial about receiving E-mails using 2010 and POP3 Commands
1) Understanding E-mails - Settings - Start Coding
2) Receiving response from POP3 server
3) Retrieving the number of E-mails from your [Inbox]
4) Solving the POP3 connect\disconnect without errors
5)  Source Code Download
Notes :
-In order to get fully understanding to this topic, you need to read the whole 5 sections as they are already a summary to what i found there.
-There is no direct source code application using VB.Net to receive E-mails from POP3 Client, only this one is available.
- Microsoft did not offer a built-in function that enables you to receive E-mails Using POP3 Commands, so this is just a work around solution and it was tested on and
- sometimes uses a 2-steps verification methods, so i had to work that too here.

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