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Monday, May 04, 2015

Purchase, Sales and Stores application

Purchase, Sales and Stores application

P.O.S (Point Of Sales)

برنامج المشتريات و المبيعات و المخازن

الشاشات الرئيسية للبرنامج 

  1. الرئيسية : حيث يجب تسجيل دخول المستخدم أولا حيث أن جميع العمليات تكون باسمه و بحسب طلب صاحب البرنامج.
  2. العملاء :حيث يتم تسجيل العملاء, و ايضا امكانية معرفة الارصده الدائنة و المدينه الخاصة بهم .
    برنامج المشتريات و المبيعات - العملاء
  3. الموردين : حيث يتم تسجيل الموردين, و ايضا امكانية معرفة الارصده الدائنة و المدينه الخاصة بهم .
    برنامج المشتريات و المبيعات -الموردين
  4. المخازن : حيث يتم انشاء المخازن و اضافة الاصناف لها. و معرفة رصيد كل مخزن.
    برنامج المشتريات و المبيعات- المخازن
  5. الأصناف : تسجيل الأصناف المتعامل بها و الوحدات و الأنواع مما يسهل التعامل فى كافة الأنواع و الأصناف
    برنامج المشتريات و المبيعات-الأصناف
  6. المشتريات : اجراء عمليات الشراء (الاجل - النقدى) من الموردين
  7. المبيعات : اجراء عمليات البيع (النقدى و الاجل) للعملاء
  8. المصروفات : تسجيل المصروفات اليومية المتغيره و الثابته
  9. النقدية : نقدية خاصة بالعملاء - نقدية خاصة بالموردين - اجمالى النقدية فى أى تاريخ
  10. التقارير : جرد الكميات - الأصناف - فواتير البيع و الشراء - النقدية الاجلة - العمليات فى أى تاريخ
  11. اعدادات البرنامج : التحكم فى قاعدة البيانات و خلفية البرنامج
  12. اعدادات الدخول : تسجيل الموظفين و المستخدمين للبرنامج .

طريقة عمل البرنامج :

أولا : من شاشة الأصناف يتم تسجيل الأنواع (مثل : سونى - سامسونج - نوكيا - لافايس - رانجلر - اديداس)
ثانيا : من شاشة الأصناف يتم تسجيل الوحدات (مثل : موبيل - اكسسوار - شنطه - حذاء - لعبه)
ثالثا : اضافة الأصناف و هى شاشة بديلة للباركود (البرنامج يمكن تعديلة للعمل بالباركود مباشرة حسب الطلب) عن طريق اعطاء رقم للصنف و اسم للصنف بالاضافة الى نوعه و وحدته.
رابعا : انشاء مخزن (مثال : كل الأصناف) يتم تسجيل كل الاصناف به.
خامسا : يجب تسجيل شراء البضاعه أولا بفواتير أو فاتورة مجمعه بها كل الأصناف.
سادسا : فى حالة البيع يتم البيع من المشتريات أو من المخزن (سيان)
سابعا : فى حالة العمليات الاجلة نجدها فى النقدية (عملاء - موردين) حيث يتم زيادة أو تقليل المبالغ الاجلة حسب الدفع .
ثامنا : طباعة التقارير اللازمه من فواتير و جرد .

سعر البرنامج :

البرنامج تكلفته 2000 جنيه مصرى شاملة النقل و التركيب و الصيانه بدون مصاريف شهرية (الا فى حالة التعديل على البرنامج), للاستعلام :
تليفون : 01002851540
تليفون : 01200908486

نسخه تجريبية لمدة 3 شهور :


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Visual Basic Online Course - Make sure application is running and installed

Visual Basic Online Course

How to make sure that an Application is Running and Installed

VB 2010 Make sure application is running
Visual Basic Online Course - Tips

When you create a Visual Basic 2010 or generally a VB.Net application that relies on another VB.Net application for example an Updater.exe application, you will have to code both sides in order no to enable the user to run Updater.exe without the existence of the Main application, and in order to do so, you will have to make sure that :
1) Your Main application is Running.
2) Your Main application is Installed.
3) Your Main application does exist in the installation folder.
After making sure of all the above points, then you can compile your updater.exe file with your Main Application knowing that updater.exe won't run alone, especially if you're sending updates to the Main application for the user to receive using Updater.exe.

Here are the code to do so :
1) VB 2010 Get list of all installed applications

2) VB 2010 Get list of all running applications

3) VB 2010 Make sure application exists

Thank you for reading, download VB 2010 Project from here

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

VB 2010 Advantage Database Example

Sybase Advantage Database With Visual Basic 2010

Update Sybase Advantage Database using XML file from Visual Basic 2010 [Client-Server] Idea.
Update Sybase Advantage Database using XML file from Visual Basic 2010 [Client-Server] Idea.
1. Create New VB2010 Windows Application Project
2. Path to Project (I.e. D:\MySyBase\)
3. Path to Database (I.e. D:\MySyBase\Bin\Debug)
4. Sybase Advantage Database (MyDB.add)
5. Sybase Advantage Database Username : AdsSys - Password : ahmed
6. Sybase Advantage Database Table (I.e. MyInfo.adt)
We will create a personal Info application, so the table structure will be like that :
Sybase Advantage Database
Visual Basic 2010 - Sybase Advantage Database
Note : All other fields will vary in [Size] only but all fields are [cicharacter] Data Type.

Visual Basic Form Deign :
Visual Basic 2010
Visual Basic Online Courses
Note : I have made TextBoxes with Naming convenient (I.e NameTxt, EmailTxt, MobileTxt .... etc). Also I've placed 1 DataGridView and some Buttons. I also have 1 Module [Module1].

SaveBtn : Save new record to the Advantage Database
SearchBtn : Search for records using by Sname
EditBtn : After search, edits the record
DeleteBtn : After search, deletes the record
CancelBtn : Reset the form and the DataGridView
ExitBtn : Exits the application

In order to use Sybase Advantage Database with Visual Basic 2010 and just like any other Database, you must call the References to the Database :
Visual Basic 2010 - Add Reference to Sybase Advantage Database

The Codes

Sub ClearAll()
Private Sub Form_Load()
Private Sub ExitBtn_Click()
Private Sub SaveBtn_Click()
Private Sub SearchBtn_Click()

Private Sub CancelBtn_Click()
Private Sub EditBtn_Click()
Private Sub DeleteBtn_Click()

Note : You will need 2 Pictures PNG [On : Off] to refer to the Database Status, path [..Bin/Debug].

Another Lesson : How to Remote Database using XML :

1) Create an XML file in path [.\bin\Debug\] Folder and call it [XmlFile.xml]
2) Open [XmlFile.xml] with NotePad.exe and paste the following code into it :

3) Save the Xml file.
4) Open our VB 2010 Project and add a ToolStrip to the Form1, Dock = Buttom
ToolStrip VB 2010 Xml Database Update
ToolStrip VB 2010 Xml Database Update
5) How does it work "The Main Idea" : When you want to Alter structure or Edit the Advantage Database of your Advantage Database "DB.Add" on a Client's "User's" computer you will need to do something like what I did, easy and guaranteed. Find a Server and send SQL Statements to the Xml File and when the user checks for update [Check For Update] button, the application will open the XmlFile.xml and execute the Sql-Statement within, simply like that. When you use Version Number along with the update, it makes the Update process so easy to be tracked, so we will need to create and extra Database Table in the Advantage Database and call it [DB_Version].
6) DB_Version table structure :
Update Advantage Database [MyDB.Add] using XML and Visual Basic 2010
Update Advantage Database [MyDB.Add] using XML and Visual Basic 2010
Note : UpdateDT column is Date DataType.
7) Now each time you send updates to XML file, the user Checks for update and choose the XML file from Open Dialog Box and it compares the Date and Version of the Update, if New then it executes the Sql Statement line, if not, then it gives message [MsgTxt.Text] You're Up-To-Date.
8) Download Example from [Testing.ZIP]

AdsConnection GetSchema tip :

How to retrieve Advantage Data Dictionary Schema in VB 2010.
VB 2010 GetSchema - Retrieve Tables, Columns From Ads Data Dictionary (AdsConnection)

Advantage DataTypes conversion in VB 2010



Available in DBF Table

VB 2010 Value

1 to 65530
1 to 65530
VFP, Extended
VFP, Extended
2 to 32
1 to 65530

Best Use, For example :
When you try to Retrieve Advantage Data Dictionary Table Structure you will get column names, and you will may need to retrieve Data Types [Field_Type], Advantage Data Arc. provides System.Columns Field_Type column within the System.Columns Table that return values like [Character], now when you do that in Visual Basic 2010 or any Visual Basic .Net version, you will not get [Character] but you will get [4] instead and you will want to convert it into [Character] name, you can do that using a function or a Select Case expression in VB 2010.
So, in order to retrieve Field_Type or DataType of a certain column in Advantage Database, you may use this code:

Some Exceptions and Errors noticed :

Error : 
Table doesn't appear in the Data Dictionary [ARC.exe] but though it appears in the Data Dictionary Folder.
Description :
When you try to create a free Table [ADT Table] using Sql Statement from VB 2010 like this. The result will be a free Table but not included in the Data Dictionary, but you will only see it in the Folder contains the Database.
Cause :
The User Id section in the connectionString is Empty, but if you tried to create another table with the same name you will get an Error specifying that ISAM found a table with the same name "Table already exists" though it doesn't appear in the Data Dictionary.
Solution :
Provider a User ID or a User Id and Password if possible in the connectionString Whether you are using OleDBConnection or AdsConnection to work with this Data Dictionary.

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Solution - There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.

VB 2010

Problem : There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.
Cause : Having more than 1 dataReader result set working at the same time .
Solution : In my solution example, i work with SqlServer2000 and VB.Net 2005 
The Example Project can be downloaded at the end of this post :
It contains (SqlServer2000 DataBase - VB.Net Project)
The example shows how to navigate (First Record - Next Record) using ADO.Net 2.0 Online-Mode using SqlClient DataReader ...
Sql Database Name : Market
Sql Database Table : Market.Info
Server Name : evry1falls
(in order to see the example correctly, you'll have to Import the Database 'Market' into your sqlserver2000 Enterprise Manager)
Photo1 : Application Final Design
Photo 1

Photo2 : Table Structure
Photo 2

Photo3 : Codes
Photo 3

Photo4 : Codes
Photo 4

Photo5 : Codes
Photo 5

Now if you run the project and tried to navigate using (First) or (Next) you will get the Exception :
There is already an open DataReader .....
so the solution would be :
Trap the Exception that shows in the (SelectedIndexChanged) Event of the (ComboBox) like this :

and the same for the (Next) Button ..
now you can Navigate and search using combobox safely without exceptions ..

Note :
- Source code will give you exception and you will have to re-write the solution by yourself  as shown above .
- The Folder(Bin/Debug) Includes (Back-Up) use it to restore the (Market Database) in your sqlserver2000
- use the namespace (evry1falls) as new server Registration .

Download Source Code : MediaFire Link

Using MS Access 2003/2007/2010

- In case of using Microsoft Access Database, OleDb.OleDbDataReader with OleDb.OleDbCommand.

The work around or the solution would be :
Always create a new Instance of the OleDbCommand, I.e

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