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VB.NET How to properly close a windows application Form

VB.NET  How to properly close a windows application Form Requirements Visual Basic .Net (any version) , VB2010 and up recommend
.NET FrameWork 4.0 and above recommended How to properly close a windows application Form in VB.NET ? You may close a Form in VB.NET Application [WinForm] by :
KeyPress event Before you test this code you need to set the Form Property [KeyPreview] True, from Form Properties Window.
The code below will Read Keyboard button [Escape] when clicked and Executes Close() Private Sub MainFrm_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles Me.KeyPress
        If e.KeyChar = Chr(Keys.Escape) Then            Close()        End IfEnd Sub Then in the FormClosing() event, we will place a code to display a message [MsgBox] with [Yes, No, Cancel]. If the user clicked [Yes] then it will Close the Form and Ends the application. Private Sub MainFrm_FormClosing(sender As Object, e As FormClosingEventArgs) Handles Me.FormClosingDim AreyouSure As String = MsgBox("Exi…

VB .NET Google Drive Api Source Code Example


VB .NET Google Drive Api Source Code ExampleRequirementsVisual Basic 2012 [recommended VS 2015] or above (Visual Studio 2019) from here Visual Basic previous Example from here Google Account from here .NET Framework 4.5+ or above. "Async Programming" Google Drive Api [Google.Apis.Drive.v3] from NuGet here Open VB 2015 Project in VB 2019 Can I open / migrate Visual Basic 2015 Project Source Code with Visual Basic 2019 ? The answer is Yes, if you want to more details about VB 2015 to VB 2019 migration, please read VB.NET Google Drive Api v3 post key pointsHow to use Google Developer Console to create a project.How to Configuring Google Api ConsoleHow to Install Google Drive Api v3 from Visual Studio 2015How to Upload Simple file to Google Drive using Google Drive Api v3 from VB.NETHow to Upload Large Files (Resumable Upload) using Google Drive Api v3 from VB.NETAsync programming. Project descriptionI will use the VB.NET example from previous post [Backup Database to Google …

VB .NET DropBox Api Source Code Example

VB .NET DropBox Api Example Create a Desktop Application using VB .NET and Dropbox Api

RequirementsVisual Basic 2010 [recommended VS 2015] or above (Visual Studio 2019) from here
Visual Basic previous Example from here
Dropbox Account from here
.NET Framework 4.0 or above for above VS versions.
Dropbox Api for current .NET Framework version of yours

Open VB 2015 Project in VB 2019
Can I open / migrate Visual Basic 2015 Project Source Code with Visual Basic 2019 ? The answer is Yes, if you want to more details about VB 2015 to VB 2019 migration, please read Project descriptionI will use the VB.NET example from previous post to add a functionality to it. I will add Backup Database to Dropbox [ToolStripMenuItem]

When a user press [ToolStripMenuItem -> Backup to Dropbox] : The VB.NET application does the following :
Checks for Internet Connection Status.Connects to Dropbox Application created in Dropbox developer section [App Console].Uploads the Microsoft Access 2007 (*.accdb) Database fi…

VB.NET Access 2007 Hierarchical TreeView

VB.NET Access 2007 Hierarchical TreeView
VB.NET Hierarchical TreeView Project requirementsVS 2010 / 2015.Net FrameWork version 4.5 [Properties : Enable -> Make single instance application]Compile option -> Target CPU : x86MS Access 2007 / 2010 (*.accdb)
VB.NET Hierarchical TreeView Project logicPopulate Access 2007 Database Tables with Data from Visual Basic 2015 Form Controls [TextBox]Display or populate TreeView control with Hierarchical Data From Microsoft Access 2007 Database (*.accdb)Display or populate TreeView control (Parents / Child) with search results from Access 2007 and highlight search results.Perform Insert, Update, Search, Delete commands to/from Access 2007 Database from VS 2015 Form Control MenuStrip.
VB.NET Hierarchical TreeView Project steps summary Create Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 Project [Desktop Classic] Windows Form Application Project and name it [HierarchicalTreeView.vb], one Form (MainForm.vb).Create Access 2007 Database (hierarchical.accdb) in VS 2015 …

Visual Studio 2005 MSDN Download Free

Visual Studio 2005 MSDN Download Free
- If you landed here because you wish to download Visual Studio 2005, you may navigate here to download it directly from Microsoft Page - Older versions of Visual Studio
-I f you wish to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 MSDN help files for free one file directly from a download link, you may navigate here to directly download view
- What is Visual Studio MSDN anyway ?

- According to Microsoft definition, it stands for Microsoft Developer Network is the portion of Microsoft responsible for managing the firm's relationship with developers and testers, such as hardware developers interested in the operating system.
- How to obtain MSDN ?
- You may subscribe to MSDN or buy a subscription either online on if you are not an organization. MSDN subscriptions grant you :
Versions of Visual Studio will be available for you. Related frameworks for Visual Studio as well. The licensed TFS [Team Foundation Server].
Visual Stud…

VS2010 Crystal Reports dll older version vs newer version

VS2010 Crystal Reports dll older version vs newer version
The problem  - I have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 installed on Windows 10 32 bit, I had CR4VS 13.0.2 working perfectly on both developer machine and client machine with no problems.
I downloaded CR4VS sp16 (exe)I uninstalled CR4VS 13.0.2 completelyI installed CR4VS sp16 (exe) successfully - Now, each time I open my Visual Basic 2010 Project I notice that the old CrystalDecision dll still has the same version 13.0.2000.0, although in my C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\Common\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86\dotnet .... I have the new version of dll.

After searching and searching and searching for a solution and also many un-installations and installations trials, I've found the following : Solution : Visual Studio 2010 loads its assemblies dll from C:\Windows.old\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL not from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL

so I deleted the windows.old fold…

VS 2015 Crystal Report 13 Update 16

Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019
- Problem:  After installing Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2015 service pack16 (CRforVS_13_0_16.exe), I opened Visual Studio and I could not find Crystal reports or Reports Section in Tool Box items.
According to information from SAPTo integrate SAP Crystal Reports - developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio, you must run installer executable CRforVS_13_0_24.exe file. Running the MSI will not fully integrate Crystal Reports into VS.MSI files by definition are for runtime distribution only.
By default Windows 10 does not install the 3.5 framework, CR for VS still needs it. Select it by "Turn Windows feature on or off" and choose both options. Solution : Reports section in VS 2015 Tool Box Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, and select the entry for your version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. In our case, it was Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. Click the "Change" button on th…

.Net framework 4.5.2 for Visual Studio 2010

.Net framework 4.5.2 for Visual Studio 2010 If you have installed Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7, 8, 10 recently, you will notice that you have all .Net Framework versions available, and you will notice also that you Windows updates .net framework versions to a higher versions (i.e. If you have .net framework 4, windows will update this to 4.5) but you won't find .net framework v4.5 in your Visual Studio 2010, why ?!
Because targeting .net framework 4.5 via Visual Studio 2010 Each version of VS prior to Visual Studio 2010 is tied to a certain .NET framework. (VS2008 is .NET 3.5, VS2005 is .NET 2.0, VS2003 is .NET1.1) VS2010 and beyond allow for targeting of prior framework versions but cannot be used for future releases. You must use Visual Studio 2012 in order to utilize .NET 4.5.

Visual Basic .Net - Free POS System Project Source Code

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