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VB NET Check internet connection

VB NET Check internet connection 5 of 5

 Check Internet Connection using VB 2010

Using VB 2010 Check for Internet Connection
Using VB.NET to check Internet Connection status
This is a very simple example of how to check if there is an internet connection available for your machine (LapTop, PC) using VB 2010 Programming Language.

- Project Design :

1) Create new project, (save it)
2) Create new Windows Application form (Form1)
3) Place a Label (Label1) and Timer (Timer1) on your Form (Form1).
VB.NET Check Internet Connection
VB.NET Check Internet Connection

- Coding

In the following VB.NET Code I'm using two Functions to (Boolean) :
  1. Check internet connection using Computer.Network.Ping("")
  2. Check internet connection Using stream = client.OpenRead("")

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