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Visual Basic Online Course - Knowledge Base Introduction

♥ In the name of Allah ♥ Visual Basic Online Course - Knowledge Base Introduction Intro Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, What is it? Visual Basic 2010 - Tutorials Microsoft published Visual Basic .Net 2010 In April 2010. Microsoft had planned earlier to use the Dynamic Language Run-time (DLR) for that version (2010), but shifted to a another mixed plan that includes both Visual Basic and sister language C# to bring both languages into closer parity with one another. Visual Basic's innate ability to interact dynamically with Common Language Run-time CLR and COM objects has been improved to work with dynamic languages built on the DLR such as Iron-Python and Iron-Ruby. Visual Basic compiler was enhanced to infer line continuation in a set of common contexts, in many cases removing the need for the under score "_" line continuation symbol. We offer free online courses for Visual Basic .Net and Visual Basic 6.0 Programming Languages and solutions for both beg