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Visual Basic 2010 Math Functions

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Math Functions Visual Basic 2010 Math functions Math and String Functions In addition to performing simple arithmetic and string operations with the arithmetic and string operators, Visual Basic programs can take advantage of several built-in  mathematical functions  and  string functions to perform useful processing that, otherwise, could require highly complex original code. Mathematical Functions Popular mathematical functions are summarized in the following table. Note that certain functions do  not  require the  Math.  prefix. Function Use Math.Abs() Returns the absolute value. Math.Abs(-10)  returns  10 . Math.Ceiling() Returns an integer that is greater than or equal to a number. Math.Ceiling(5.333)  returns  6 . Fix() Returns the integer portion of a number. Fix(5.3333)  returns  5 . Math.Floor() Returns an integer that is less