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Visual Basic 2010 Working With DataBase Full Project Example

VB 2010 Book Working With Database Full Project Example Download VB 2010 Book to work with MS-Access Book Link via The book is 5 chapters and is explained here, it contains source code of a project example on how to work with Microsoft Access Database from Visual Basic 2010 .     In the book; the photos show how to start your project, how to select your database and how to display it. Here, we'll discuss each photo and explain each code block. Chapter#1 - Released VB .Net 2010 Working With DataBase Full Project Example     Photo (1) : Shows the folder that contains the project, the (My-First-Con.vbproj) is the icon you need to click to open the project.     Photo (2) : From menu (Data) choose ( Add New Data Source ), a popup dialog-box will show titled (Choose a Data Source Type) and you select (Database) as long as we are connecting to one, then click next.     Photo (3) : A popup dialog-box appears titled (Data Source Configuration) an