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Receive Emails in VB 2010

Day : Aug,12,2012 Send & Receive E-mails from E-mail server using VB .net Hello, I was always thinking if i could send and receive e-mails using .Net technology, i was shocked to know that .Net 4 has no POP3 class so one could receive e-mails just like in Microsoft Outlook, regardless that Outlook uses POP3, IMAP and SMTP to both send and receive e-mails from e-mail servers. I was able to finish the send E-mail part successfully, though i've not finished the attachment and the Html parts, but the receiving e-mails part still out there somewhere i did not do it, though i managed to connect to pop3 servers and receive the +OK response successfully. I'm using an old laptop (WinXpSp3 Home Edition) with VS2010 along with all the .Net kits installed. I've search the internet for resources and i could not land on something that works 100% with the receive E-mails part although i ran into some C# codes that helped me to take the first step which is th