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Visual Basic Compare Two Treeviews and return differences

Visual Basic 2010 - Compare Two Strings and return differences and matchesCollections as an Alternative to Arrays Visual Studio 2010 Although collections are most often used for working with the Object Data Type, you can use a collection to work with any data type. In some circumstances, it can be more efficient to store items in a collection than in an array.

If you need to change the size of an array, you must use the ReDim Statement (Visual Basic). When you do this, Visual Basic creates a new array and releases the previous array for disposal. This takes execution time. Therefore, if the number of items you are working with changes frequently, or you cannot predict the maximum number of items you need, you might obtain better performance using a collection.

A collection, which does not have to create a new object or copy existing elements, can handle resizing in less execution time than an array, which has to use ReDim. But if the size does not change, or chang…

VB 2010 Advantage Database Example

Sybase Advantage Database With Visual Basic 20101. Create New VB2010 Windows Application Project 2. Path to Project (I.e. D:\MySyBase\) 3. Path to Database (I.e. D:\MySyBase\Bin\Debug) 4. Sybase Advantage Database (MyDB.add) 5. Sybase Advantage Database Username : AdsSys - Password : ahmed 6. Sybase Advantage Database Table (I.e. MyInfo.adt) We will create a personal Info application, so the table structure will be like that : Note : All other fields will vary in [Size] only but all fields are [cicharacter] Data Type.
Visual Basic Form Deign :
Note : I have made TextBoxes with Naming convenient (I.e NameTxt, EmailTxt, MobileTxt .... etc). Also I've placed 1 DataGridView and some Buttons. I also have 1 Module [Module1].
SaveBtn : Save new record to the Advantage Database SearchBtn : Search for records using by Sname EditBtn : After search, edits the record DeleteBtn : After search, deletes the record CancelBtn : Reset the form and the DataGridView ExitBtn : Exits the application
In order…

Visual Basic Online Course FlexGrid

Visual Basic 2010 - FlexGrid The Microsoft FlexGrid (MSFlexGrid) control displays and operates on tabular data. It allows complete flexibility to sort, merge, and format tables containing strings and pictures. When bound to a Data control, MSFlexGrid displays read-only data.
You can put text, a picture, or both, in any cell of an MSFlexGrid. The Row and Col properties specify the current cell in an MSFlexGrid. You can specify the current cell in code, or the user can change it at run time using the mouse or the arrow keys. The Text property references the contents of the current cell.
If the text in a cell is too long to display in the cell, and the WordWrap property is set to True, the text wraps to the next line within the same cell. To display the wrapped text, you may need to increase the cells column width (ColWidth property) or row height (RowHeight property).
Use the Cols and Rows properties to determine the number of columns and rows in an MSFlexGrid.
Note : Before you can u…

Visual Basic Online Course OOP Classes

Visual Basic Application Development
Object Oriented Programming  Introduction After creating so much applications and working with Databases, I was always afraid of getting close to OOP (Object Oriented Programming). OOP is the essence of Programming languages, understanding OOP is a sign which tells you "You are a talented programmer". 
We all know that there is a difference between programming practitioner and freelancer programmer, some say that practitioners are much secure, they don't need to learn more to get paid because they already have a job, but a freelancer is a guy who is talented in something (In this example : Programming) and in addition he/she wants to make something out of it. OOP or Object Oriented Programming, means programming the programming, Yes! Before studying OOP we used to write codes and place tools, then hoke them up together to come up with something magnificent for ourselves or for our clients for money or some school degrees as a project.

Visual Basic Online Course The following control could not be licensed: TxTextControl.TextControl

The following control could not be licensed: TxTextControl.TextControl
How to compile a specific license (*.licx) file to your Visual Basic 2010 project for example the [Tx TxtControl] Object. Tx TxtControl is an evaluation product and can be downloaded from here, unless you register the product with a standard license, it will not work properly with Visual Basic 2010
Tx TxtControl is a Visual Basic .Net powerful tool that enable you to create a Word Processing Integration form to enable the user to take notes and save it and retrieve it. With Tx TxtControl you can do the following : Integrate comprehensive word processing into your Windows applicationsLoad, edit and save Microsoft Word formats (DOCX, DOC, RTF etc.)Build powerful reporting and mail merge applicationsLoad, edit and create Adobe PDF documentsCompletely royalty-free The problem is that the Eval. Version pops up a message in the IDE and the Run-Time and generate an error message : The following control could not be license…

Visual Basic Online Course Search Optimization

Create Visual Basic .Net Search Optimization tool using dtSearch Engine to : Optimize Search
Index files
Search Index
Retrieve Search Results
Highlight Search ResultsdtSearch Engine : Powerful tool can be downloaded from its official website. There is the dtDeskTop Search and dtSearch Engine for developers, we need the last one to be downloaded. You will be given a password to install the Eval. Version of dtSearch Engine by the customer support team via Email or via SkyPe. I recommend downloading the dtSearch Engine 772.
After installing dtSearch Engine successfully on your machine, you will find the files in the C:\ drive and Start Menu. Restart your machine. There will be VB.Net examples in the C:\ drive cover most of the supported programming languages by the dtSearch Engine Tool including VB.Net 2010 [.Net frameWork 4] in this folder (C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\vb.net4).
dtSearch Engine mechanism goes like this :Create Indexes (If exists, then you can update…

Visual Basic Online Course DevExpress 12.2.4 full for Visual Studio 2010

Your next great app. Your way. From interactive Desktop applications, to immerse Web and Mobile solutions, tools to meet your needs today and ensure your continued success tomorrow. 
DevExpressis a very powerful tool for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and any Visual Studio starting VS2005 until VS2012. From the above Widget you can download DevExpress 12.2.4 freely, the uploaded files contain the registration for free Dll leaked [dxv2_regaddin.12.2.4]. The download should be merged in one folder and the 3 parts of Dxperience should be all downloaded and extracted [Merged] in the same folder.
After downloading ♦ Extract the 3 files :
♠ ♠♠ into one folder, you will find 2 files after extraction [DevExpress 12.2.4 and  dxv2_regaddin.12.2.4].
♦ Double-click the Devexpress 12.2.4 exe file and install Dxperience 12.2.4, you may also choose [Trial Version] fo…

Visual Basic Online Course - The Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine

The Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine Visual Basic 2010 Error Message :
InvalidOperationException was unhandled
" The Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine" This error message means that the machine [Computer, Laptop] that you are trying to run your application on, doesn't have MS-Access 2007 installed, or not installed properly. Some developers just pack their applications and send it to the client :
Relying on - that the client have MS-Office 2007/2010 installed already and won't never crash or updated to 2010, Or they just did not include the proper component along with their package, Or even worse they may not know what exactly should they do to make it work on the client's machine.
╚Ž╣ To get this error message to go away, you need to include this file in your package : 2007 Microsoft Office System Update: Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies  Some think that Office 2007 should be in…

Visual Basic Online Course Check internet connection

Check Internet Connection using VB 2010 This is a very simple example of how to check if there is an internet connection available for your machine (LapTop, PC) using VB 2010 Programming Language. - Project Design : 1) Create new project, (save it) 2) Create new Windows Application form (Form1) 3) Place a Label (Label1) and Timer (Timer1) on your Form (Form1).
- Coding In the following VB.NET Code I'm using two Functions to (Boolean) : Check internet connection using Computer.Network.Ping("")Check internet connection Usingstream=client.OpenRead("")

♥ Here are some online Visual Basic lessons and courses :
Visual Basic .Net snippets collectionVisual Basic .Net - How to check for the internet connectionVisual Basic .Net - POP3 and Receiving E-mailsVisual Basic .Net - Generate Random CombinationsVisual Basic .Net - Play sounds on Button Click or Mouse HoverVisual Basic .Net - Progressbar controlVisual Basic .Net Solution - The applic…

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