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VB 2010 Advantage Database Example

Sybase Advantage Database With Visual Basic 20101. Create New VB2010 Windows Application Project 2. Path to Project (I.e. D:\MySyBase\) 3. Path to Database (I.e. D:\MySyBase\Bin\Debug) 4. Sybase Advantage Database (MyDB.add) 5. Sybase Advantage Database Username : AdsSys - Password : ahmed 6. Sybase Advantage Database Table (I.e. MyInfo.adt) We will create a personal Info application, so the table structure will be like that : Note : All other fields will vary in [Size] only but all fields are [cicharacter] Data Type.
Visual Basic Form Deign :
Note : I have made TextBoxes with Naming convenient (I.e NameTxt, EmailTxt, MobileTxt .... etc). Also I've placed 1 DataGridView and some Buttons. I also have 1 Module [Module1].
SaveBtn : Save new record to the Advantage Database SearchBtn : Search for records using by Sname EditBtn : After search, edits the record DeleteBtn : After search, deletes the record CancelBtn : Reset the form and the DataGridView ExitBtn : Exits the application
In order…

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