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Visual Basic Compare Two Treeviews and return differences

Visual Basic 2010 - Compare Two Strings and return differences and matches VB2010 Compare Strings in Collections Collections as an Alternative to Arrays Visual Studio 2010 Although collections are most often used for working with the Object Data Type , you can use a collection to work with any data type. In some circumstances, it can be more efficient to store items in a collection than in an array. If you need to change the size of an array, you must use the ReDim Statement (Visual Basic) . When you do this, Visual Basic creates a new array and releases the previous array for disposal. This takes execution time. Therefore, if the number of items you are working with changes frequently, or you cannot predict the maximum number of items you need, you might obtain better performance using a collection. A collection, which does not have to create a new object or copy existing elements, can handle resizing in less e