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Visual Basic Online Course - Make sure application is running and installed

Visual Basic Online Course How to make sure that an Application is Running and Installed When you create a Visual Basic 2010 or generally a VB.Net application that relies on another VB.Net application for example an Updater.exe application, you will have to code both sides in order no to enable the user to run Updater.exe without the existence of the Main application, and in order to do so, you will have to make sure that : 1) Your Main application is Running. 2) Your Main application is Installed. 3) Your Main application does exist in the installation folder. After making sure of all the above points, then you can compile your updater.exe file with your Main Application knowing that updater.exe won't run alone, especially if you're sending updates to the Main application for the user to receive using Updater.exe.
Here are the code to do so :
1) VB 2010 Get list of all installed applications

2) VB 2010 Get list of all running applications

3) VB 2010 Make sure application exists


Visual Basic Online Course - Read Text File

Visual Basic 2010 - How to Read Text File(s)Introduction

In order to read from a Text File then a Text File has to be present (Present = Known Path), the path of a Text File is just like any other path of any file it is String, for example : C:\Folder\File.txt The path to the File.txt is (C:\Folder\File-Name.Extension), so the path to the File Text = Path + File-Name + extension. Text Files can be present locally (on the same machine) or from external place (on the web) for example : As long as this Path is present and accessible then Reading Text File in VB 2010 is just so easy job to do. We can store the path to the Text File into a String variable to use it in our VB 2010 project : Dim LocalFilePath as String = ("C:\Folder\File.txt") Dim WebFilePath As String = ("") The problem with Text Files hosted on the web, is that it has to be accessible in order to read it or write it, you have to provide  a User…

Visual Basic Online Course Fade Image

Fade Image in VB 2010How to fade image in Visual Basic 2010

It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or a graphic designer, chances are that you have come across the need to fade or blend images in Visual Basic 2010. You can always use Photoshop to create faded images and then use them in your VB 2010 applications, but as a developer you also have to know what does it take to do so, not just to fade an Image but also as a general, after all it's your job to come up with answers.
In our demonstration here well will use ordinary common tools in VB 2010 to be able to fade an Image.
Project Design Form Name : Form1 Text : Fade Image in VB 2010 PictureBox Name : PicToFade BackColor : Transparent Dock : Full Timer Name : Timer1 Interval : 100
How does it work 
Run the application, click on the PicToFade [PictureBox], it will show the [OpenFileDialog] choose and Image [JPEG] and then notice that it will begin to fade away.
You can alter the code to change the fading values [Alpha from 0 …

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