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Visual Basic Online Course - VB .NET Read Text File

Visual Basic 2010 - How to Read Text File(s) VB .NET Read Text Files Introduction In order to read from a Text File then a Text File has to be present (Present = Known Path), the path of a Text File is just like any other path of any file it is String, for example : C:\Folder\File.txt The path to the File.txt is ( C:\Folder\File-Name.Extension ), so the path to the File Text = Path + File-Name + extension. Text Files can be present locally (on the same machine) or from external place (on the web) for example : As long as this Path is present and accessible then Reading Text File in VB 2010 is just so easy job to do. We can store the path to the Text File into a String variable to use it in our VB 2010 project : Dim LocalFilePath as String = ("C:\Folder\File.txt") Dim WebFilePath As String = ("