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Visual Basic Online Course - VB .NET Make sure application is running and installed

Visual Basic Online Course How to make sure that an Application is Running and Installed Visual Basic Online Course - Tips When you create a Visual Basic 2010 or generally a VB.Net application that relies on another VB.Net application for example an Updater.exe application, you will have to code both sides in order no to enable the user to run Updater.exe without the existence of the Main application, and in order to do so, you will have to make sure that : 1) Your Main application is Running. 2) Your Main application is Installed. 3) Your Main application does exist in the installation folder. After making sure of all the above points, then you can compile your updater.exe file with your Main Application knowing that updater.exe won't run alone, especially if you're sending updates to the Main application for the user to receive using Updater.exe. Here are t