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visual basic programming course - How to Extract Text from PDF File in VB Net

 Visual Basic Programming Course How to Extract Text from PDF File in VB Net Visual Basic Tips on How to Manipulate PDF Files Intro This course blog discusses dealing with PDF File Format (PDF). Since Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is the best tool until today, then I will use it. iTextSharp  is the most common well known tool for manipulating PDF Files in most of development environments. As stated here  , there is a new release called itext7  which adds new security features when you move to itext7, you could get either commercial copy or AGPL from their official website . Unless you purchase a commercial License, you are not permitted to change the PDF Info concerning 'PDF Producer'. You can find Documentations on iTextSharp 5.0 here   Requirements Microsoft Windows 32bit or 64bit Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 iTextSharp << Download it from NuGet >> AGPL3 License 'Open Source' Awesomium 1.7.5 << Download it from NuGet >> Visual Basic