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VB .NET WebView2 WinForms tips

VB .NET WebView2 WinForms Tips Edge WebView2 Tips Edge WebView2 Intro This course blog discusses dealing with Microsoft Edge WebView2 Control. If you are a developer then I'm sure you have searched before for an alternative WebBrowser Control, especially if you are a Desktop Apps Developer. Edge WebView2 Control by Microsoft gives you the ability to Embed Web Technologies like (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, …, etc.) in your App. It uses rendering engine Microsoft Edge (Chromium), so you can Display the web contents in your Apps. Requirements In order to start Microsoft Edge WebView2 for Desktop Projects as alternative for WebBrowser Control, you need the following : Microsoft Windows (In my case, it is Win10 64bit) Microsoft Visual Studio (In my case, it is VS2017) WebView2 Runtime or any Microsoft Edge (Chromium) non-stable channel installed on supported OS (currently Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7). (In my case, Win10 64bit and Microsoft Edge (Chromium)