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Monday, May 16, 2011


الله الرحمن الرحيم

حل مشكلة توصيل قاعدة بيانات من نوع (اكسس) عن طريق (داو) فى بيئة (دوت نت) !!
How to connect Access Database Through DAO In VB .Net

Design :
- Create new visual basic Project
- Create new MS-Access 2003 Database
New form
Name :form1
Name : ahmed.mdb
Add Reference : 
COM => DAO 3.61

Code :
Imports DAO
                    Dim DB As DAO.Database
                Dim DBE As New DAO.DBEngineDB = DBE.OpenDatabase("ahmed.mdb", Nothing, False, "dbase iv;")
And you have just connected your database *.mdb in vb.Net Using DAO 3.61

Good Luck

VB 2010 Create Controls at Run-Time with events

How to Create Controls at Run-Time in 

VB 2010

VB 2010 Create controls at run-time
Visual Basic Online Course


The example will show you how to create a control (TextBox) at the Application Run-Time. This TextBox will allow only Numbers. We will create a new TextBox control with event  Text Changed when the form is clicked

Project Design

Create new VB 2010 Windows Application Project (MyPro), don't forget to always Save your project

How does it work

You RUN your project and then click on the Form (Form1) and then you will notice that a TextBox control was created with the same properties that we provided in our example in the code below.

TextBox Properties

Location : The cursor location when click on the Form1
Size : 120,300
Parent : Form1 (Me)
TextAlign : HorizontalAlignment.Left
ForeColor : Color.White
Name : MyNewText
Font : Times New Roman, 10, Regular, Point


Thank you for reading ....

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