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Visual Basic Online Course Search Optimization

dtSearch in Visual Basic .Net Source Code and Eample Using dtSearch Engine to Create Search Optimization via Visual Basic 2010 Create Visual Basic .Net Search Optimization tool using dtSearch Engine to : Optimize Search Index files Search Index Retrieve Search Results Highlight Search Results dtSearch Engine : Powerful tool can be downloaded from its official website . There is the dtDeskTop Search and dtSearch Engine for developers, we need the last one to be downloaded. You will be given a password to install the Eval. Version of dtSearch Engine by the customer support team via Email or via SkyPe. I recommend downloading the dtSearch Engine 772. After installing dtSearch Engine successfully on your machine, you will find the files in the C:\ drive and Start Menu. Restart your machine. dtSearch Engine - installed files There will be VB.Net examples in the C:\ drive cover most of the suppor