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Visual Basic Online Courses DataGridView Add Edit Delete

VB .NET DataGridView Add Edit DeleteManipulate DataGridView from Visual Basic 2010 with SQL ServerNote : if you dunno how to work SqlServer With VB.Net : You need to see this then thisLogicUsing DataGridView Control In VB.Net to Add New - Edit - Delete from/to Sql Server Database or MS-Access or any other Database type. You will find in the end of the lessons the project to download along with source code . Design 1) Create a new Visual Basic project (Windows Application) name it as (MyDg1) and save it to your hard drive.
2) Place a DataGridView Control on the Form1.
3) Create Sql Server Database file, name it (MyDB)
4) Create Table, name it (Kinds) with just one record, name it (Kinds)
5) Rename the DataGridView Control's name From (DataGridView1) to (DG1)
6) Save/Build the project .
7) Now you have : A project such as this one in the 3 photos (from inside VB.Net and from Outside)

- What do we want to do ?!!!!

we want to update the database (MyDB) Table (Kinds) Record (Kind) using…

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